• Recent reports from blockchain analytics firm Arkham suggested that wallets associated with the now-defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox and the US government had transferred substantial amounts of Bitcoin.
• Arkham CEO Miguel Morel clarified that the wallet activities were not connected, implying that the US was not necessarily responsible for moving or selling Mt. Gox-related assets.
• Later Arkham revised its findings after investigating the DB Alert situation and determined that the Arkham alerts were accurate in this case, clarifying that neither their alerts nor the Twitter attention impacted Bitcoin’s sudden price drop.

Rumors Emerge Regarding US Government and Bitcoin Wallets

Recent reports from blockchain analytics firm Arkham have set off speculation among members of the crypto community. The rumors suggest that wallets associated with both the now-defunct Mt. Gox crypto exchange and the US government have been transferring substantial amounts of Bitcoin.

Arkham Analyzes Confusion Surrounding Mt. Gox, US Gov’t Linked Wallets & Bitcoin Movement

In response to these rumors, Arkham CEO Miguel Morel has clarified that there is no connection between these two wallet activities, implying that the US government is not responsible for moving or selling any of Mt. Gox’s assets. However, one hour later Arkham reported via Twitter a bug fix had been deployed which led to erroneous alerts being sent to a “small subset of users” including Crypto Twitter user @tier10k (DB).

Bug Fix Deployment & Revised Findings

After further investigation into what caused these erroneous alerts, Arkham announced they had deployed a bug fix related to Bitcoin alerts which no longer under-sent such notifications to a small segment of its users – but this also did not affect any additional users either as it was unrelated to labels generated by Arkham itself. Furthermore, following an investigation into DB’s alert situation specifically, it was determined that Arkam’s original assessment was indeed accurate – DB had set two alerts on all bitcoin transactions above $10k with no counterparties set and labelled them ‘Mt Gox’ and ‘US Gov’ respectively – causing previously set alarms to be activated when prompted due to bug fix deployment; however this did not result in inaccurate alert messages being sent out from Arkam itself as originally feared by some parties involved in discussions surrounding this matter on social media platforms like Twitter at present time today..

Conclusion: No Impact on Bitcoin Price

It should be noted here too by all concerned readers – particularly those who are currently speculating about how this development could impact upon bitcoin prices -that neither Arkam’s original alert message nor any subsequent twitter attention towards this subject appears to have influenced bitcoin values whatsoever in any way shape or form whatsoever according too all relevant data gathered thus far up until present time today either directly or indirectly either..


To summarise then – these recent events have served as an important reminder for anyone involved in cryptocurrencies regarding why vigilance is key when trading digital assets online; as well as illustrating just how quickly news can spread around amongst members of particular cryptocurrency communities when certain topics become discussed frequently on public forums such as twitter alone..